Welcome to our new Forum site

Please Read This First ... How to Gain Access, notices and items of general interest to some or all of our Forums, including notice of events, meetings, special news, etc.
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Welcome to our new Forum site

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We are finally here! Check out all the new features on this new board...

Club Members: Please enter your member ID in the User Control Panel. If you don't get an activation email within a few days, contact me with your username for the upgrade, which will be indicated by your username appearing in Blue. Click on the E-mail graphic in the right panel.

- Please do not use these Forums for buying, selling or trading; those things belong in the Fly Market. These will be removed without notice.

Suggestions (but not mandated):
- Please use the "Postreply" instead of the "Quote" button whenever possible; this saves a lot of real estate for new content.
- Go easy on the BBCode formatting; a lot of bolds, colors, etc. will make your post difficult to read,
- Attachments and Avatars [Club Members only] Sizes are limited to prevent an overload. If you need to post something larger, please contact me.
- Be aware that the entire Universe can see your email address and phone number, safe combination, etc. that you post intended for your buddy only.
- We expect common courtesy to rule. Please enjoy and contribute.
- The resources and maintenance of these Forums are made available by the membership of the Bellanca-Champion Club.

As with any new software, we can expect a few bumps. Please let me know and I will get it sorted out.

Happy New Year,
Robert Szego