BasicMed Referral

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Robert Szego
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BasicMed Referral

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Seven different local doctors refused to do the BasicMed Physical before I finally found one and thought we should devote a topic to this. Send contact info on the doctor that performed this service to

Zip: 12110, Giridhar Kamath, 518-867-8080 x4, Surya Immediate Medical Care, Latham, NY
Robert Szego
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Re: BasicMed Referral

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When I couldn't get into my local doctor I used one of the places that specializes in truck drivers DOT physicals. He looked at the FAA website and thought I needed a 1st class. No I explained, that would require an AME. Be ready to educate the doctor. I explained BasicMed, I handed him the paperwork with directions for doctors and he signed me off.

[quote]For the Physician – Understanding BasicMed
Your patient is asking you to perform a medical exam following a simple checklist that the FAA has
specifically created to be completed by any state-licensed physician. If this is the first time a pilot
has asked you to complete this checklist, that’s because it’s part of the FAA’s new medical rules
that allow a private pilot flying certain small aircraft for non-commercial purposes to obtain
a medical examination from any state-licensed physician.
The examination needed to complete this checklist is just like a wellness exam, similar to those
conducted for athletics or scuba diving certification. Conducting this examination is similar to
determining if an individual can safely operate a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or other motor vehicle.
Ultimately your patient is responsible for self-certifying his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle,
in this case a small aircraft, prior to every flight.[/quote] ... _Guide.pdf
Frank Holbert
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